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SmartEdit for Word Version 7 Released


This release does not contain any new features. I’ll be working on new features and changes to SmartEdit in March.

Version 7 supports Word 2019, and upgrades the Microsoft framework used by SmartEdit. This upgrade is important to keep SmartEdit in line with recent Office changes and to keep it working with high DPI monitors.

Download Here

The framework upgrade is part of the installation. Most users of Windows 10 PCs will already have this framework installed as part of general Windows updates, but users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 PCs might find the installation takes longer than usual.

If you have any issues with the installation, please post them here on this thread. A stand-alone installer for the new framework can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft website on this page.

Windows 8 users will need to ensure they have run the Windows 8.1 upgrade, as Windows 8 (without updates) is no longer compatible.

In a couple of weeks time a new version of Atomic Scribbler will be released which will also require this framework update.


Thanks Darren! Download and installation on Win10 (and Word 2010) were a smooth sailing.
Repetitive opening and closing of Word without a problem. SmartEdit add-on loads and shows every time.

As for Atomic Scribbler… I’m going to reserve some time in February to update the manual after the new release has been issued. :slight_smile:



Thanks Hans. I’ll give you a heads up when the next version of Atomic is ready.


Does it fix those weird freeze-on-startup bugs? I’ve also got this ‘unknown error’ crash…


Can you elaborate a little more on that Phillip? There shoudln’t be any freeze on startup with SmartEdit for Word. Add Ins can sometimes take a few seconds to load, but no more than that.

If there is a crash inside Word, there should also be a link on the crash dialog to a detailed error log. If you can post that here or email it to me that would great.


I don’t have any addons yet - and I was using Atomic, sorry! I didn’t see ‘word’ in the title.

Any case, it turns out it was AS trying to open too many windows on startup. Maybe a ‘safe mode’ button to open only one would be a good idea?