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SmartEdit for Word Version 6 — beta version now available


Version 6 of SmartEdit for Word is almost ready. This is a major upgrade which includes fundamental changes to the user interface inside Word as well as significant usability improvements designed to make it easier to edit your document using SmartEdit.

A beta version is available now for users to try out. The release version, along with a new website, is expected within 2 weeks.

So what’s changed in version 6? Take a look:

  • The bottom section that contained the results lists is now gone, replaced with an expanded single SmartEdit results section to the left of the word processor. This can be widened or reduced as desired.
  • Small sentence fragments that previously showed some context for a result have been replaced by a richer sentence or paragraph, with the flagged word or phrase highlighted in bold. In most cases, you should be able to see if a change is required without jumping into the Word document itself.
  • SmartEdit checks are now grouped by type: Repetitions, Word & Phrase Usage, and Sentences.
  • It’s now easier to run individual SmartEdit checks such as word or phrase repetitions, adverb or punctuation checks.
  • The dialog tags check has been improved to more accurately show tags used alongside dialog.
  • The sentence length graph has been replaced by a list, making it easier to jump straight into individual long sentences.
  • A host of bugs and minor issues have been fixed.

If you make heavy use of the Monitored Words and Exclusion lists in version 5, you should read this post about Backing up your custom SmartEdit files before upgrading.

Here’s the download link for the version 6.03 beta: Download here.

Any issues you have, please report them here on the forum, selecting the SmartEdit category when you do so. I’m particularly interested in hearing from users using old versions of Word (2007 and 2010 — 7% of you according to the survey we ran a few weeks back), as we haven’t been able to properly test on these versions. Also, if you’re using a high res 4K monitor, please report any display issues you might encounter.

If you do have issues with the beta, you can roll back by uninstalling version 6 and then re-installing version 5.2 from the website.

The Help section of the website will not be updated with the changes until the release version is ready in a couple of weeks.


Downloaded the beta file and installed. Got an error message and saved it as a text file. Can I email that to someone for review? ~Faith W.


Sure thing. Email it me at darren @ Let me know as well which version of Word you’re using.



There was a problem with the installation file which has now been fixed. Anyone who encountered any problems after installing should re-download 6.02 from the link above.


First test is great. Running the downloaded beta version installer upgraded my version 5.201.
I grabbed one of my older fiction documents, took all the existing formatting out (except page brakes) and run it through SmartEdit 6 beta [installed in Word 2007].

Everything run just fine. I went through all individual tests without any issues.
It’s a great [and stable] beta version.

Here are technical data under which I tested SE beta 6:

  • OS: Win 10 x64 [1709], Build 16299
  • MS Word: version 2007 (SP3), running in a Windows 7 compatibility shell
  • Word document type: docx
  • Word file length: 69,722 words, 321,682 characters.

Thanks for the effort to write this enhanced version, Darren. I’m sure a lot of writers, including me, will appreciate it. :slight_smile:



Good to see it’s working well for you Hans.


Version 6.03 has just been released. This contains a number of bug fixes. Some of the new buttons that link back to the website will not work yet as the new website is not ready.

You can download here.



Are you going to have a stand-alone version?


Important question, but no, these changes will not be going into the stand-alone version.

That version is no longer under development — simply put, there’s so little interest in it when compared to the Word Add-In that future development can’t be justified.

The next steps for SmartEdit will be to add all of the Word functionality into Atomic Scribbler, and then to build an expanded Word version that contains extra elements such as producing external reports.