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SmartEdit for Word Version 6.1 Official Release


SmartEdit version 6 has been released. This release contains fixes to all the issues raised by users of the beta version over the past week and is now available for download from the new SmartEdit website.

A full list of the version 6 changes is on the Change Log page.

As part of this release we’ve moved and redesigned the SmartEdit website. The move took place three hours ago and may not have propogated to your part of the world yet. If you’re still seeing the old website or encounter any security errors, give it a few hours and come back later.

You can download version 6 from the new Download page here.

I’ve written a couple of blog posts that should be read by anyone interested in the new version, and in the future plans for SmartEdit.

The SmartEdit for Word Version 6 post outlines the changes in detail, talks about the system requirement changes that may impact some users (no more support for Word 2007, and a minimum Windows version of Windows 7), and details changes to the SmartEdit for Word license.

The SmartEdit Future Development post outlines the plan for SmartEdit over the next few months and is a must read for anyone using the stand-alone version of SmartEdit — soon to be deprecated. Atomic Scribbler users may also find this post interesting.

Version 6 is a big improvement to the application. I’ve been finding it so much easier to use myself and I hope you do too.


Since I almost never use Word, I was disappointed to read that the stand-alone SmartEdit is being discontinued. But after a little more thought, I realized that if you had announced the features of AtomicScribbler being added into SmartEdit, I would have been wildly enthusiastic.

So I applaud the new roadmap, and the integration of SmartEdit into AtomicScribbler will be extremely useful for me – much more so than enhancing SmartEdit as a separate tool. SmartEdit really needs to be integrated to be fully exploited. I also think this will substantially differentiate AtomicScribbler from all the other “writers’ editors” out there and lead to a tremendous increase in visibility and sales.

Congratulations, and thanks for digging ever deeper into making AS an outstanding tool for writers.



Hi Darren,

(1) Dropping Word 2007 could lead to the conclusion of the other [former] listed Word versions still working with SE v6. Can you confirm that SE 6.x works with the older Word 2010? This would be the next in line, but unfortunately no info about it. Just that version 2007 is out of the picture.

(2) Is there already a decision made whether the upcoming ‘Pro’ version would work with Word 2010 too, or is this still too early to say? If so, I would look around to get Word 2010 [or Office 2010] to replace my older Office 2007 now. Otherwise I have to wait and still run the SE 5.x version until a final decision is made. I’m definitely not going to subscribe to MS Office. Regardless of which version. I’d rather stick with the latest possible that runs locally on my PC.



That’s the hope and intention.

From a tech perspective it won’t be that difficult to achieve. The underlying technology of SmartEdit and Atomic Scribbler is the same — in all respects.The new version of SmartEdit already went part way to isolating the SmartEdit functionality so that it can be used in Atomic


The reality is SmartEdit for Word will still work with [almost] all versions of Word 2007. The base version it’s built against is still Word 2007. I’m not guaranteeing it any longer for that version simply because I’m putting in code that addresses later versions of Word and that may have fallback issues for 2007.

There’s a lot of new stuff going into Word, and a lot of things that are in 2010 and beyond but NOT in 2007 — protected view, OneDrive and such, that’s not in Word 2007. Most users use the later versions, and that’s only going to grow over time. Which means the future development focus has to be on those versions.

New versions of SmartEdit will still use 2007 as the base version (for now), but I’m not going to guarantee all instances of 2007 will work flawlessly. I wouldn’t rush out and upgrade to 2010 or higher just yet. Chances are your current 2007 version will see you through this year at least.


Thanks for the quick answer, Darren. Well, I’m not going to rush out right away to get the 2010 version. However, I suppose, that the later released ‘Pro’ version will certainly not run with Word 2007. It will be a welcomed addition to the [by then] AS integrated SE.

I fully understand that the 2007 version eventually can’t keep up with the newer tweaking of Word and Windows anymore. Yet, I may have to look around for the chance to get a 2010 version whenever offered to a fair price. I’m not sure how long this version will be available, even offered by 3rd parties.

There is a chance that I can’t get it anymore by the time your Pro version is available too. That’s why I wanted to know about compatibility. I’d like to plan ahead, and make sure to have a Word version available that’s [later on] still compliant with future versions of a Word Add-In as well. If push comes to shove, I have to stay with the regular SE for Word version plus the AS/SE version.


P.S. The above given download link for version 6 leads to a 4040 Not Found Error. :frowning:


I have quite a silly question, whether it would be possible to exclude the SmartEdit functionality during the AtomicScribbler installation? I mean some options for custom installation?


(1) >> SmartEdit version 6 has been released. This release contains fixes to all the issues raised by users of the beta version over the past week and is now available for download from the new SmartEdit website. <<

The download link on that website still offers version 5.201 and not version 6.


(2) >> You can download version 6 from the new Download page here.<<

That link leads to:
It causes a 404 Error, saying: The requested URL /Home/DownloadRelease/ was not found on this server.

Not a chance to get the official 6.1 version via any of these two links (see your original message above).



Very strange,… I can download v.6.1 from that page without any problems:


Strange indeed. After the first [failed] download attempts, I closed everything, cleaned the cache and even rebooted.
Still, Firefox always shows the same links and results.
Cleaned cache again and used the 2nd installed browser (Opera).
Yet, Opera comes up with very same links and comments FF shows.

I thought that Darren has to make some corrections, but if you use the same links and can download the version, then I’m baffled. Wonder if someone has an idea. Maybe Darren chimes in when he checks the forum today. I’m scratching my head at the moment, without having an answer. :frowning: :frowning:


Problem solved. Scratching my head helped apparently. :slight_smile:
I remembered that Darren mentioned something about regions, and you are most likely in a different region than I am.

Solution: I pulled my VPN up, and chose a server in Ireland. That did the trick. No problem with the downloads. Both links worked under this conditions.

I guess, my current location is an oddball. I’m currently in Malta and probably the only one here who is connected to AS, SE, and the forum.

Might be better next year when I [hopefully] move on to Northern Spain. :slight_smile:
Thanks for chiming in, Zuhel. Have a great Sunday.



The issue you were finding wasn’t your location. More likely it’s your ISP’s own DNS cache that isn’t updated as frequently as it should be. Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for changes to a website’s ip address to fully propagate. There are a couple of Irish ISPs that are painfully slow in this regard too.


At this stage I can’t answer that one, as it’s not finished yet. But I’ll bear it in mind.


You’ve got a point, Darren. Everything is possible here in Malta. It’s Europe’s modern world ‘Wild West’. Rules, regulations, and common sense exist only on paper. Everything is possible here, and nothing surprises me anymore.