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SmartEdit for Word 8 Released

This is the first SmartEdit for Word release in some time. It contains the following changes:

  • Improvements to the Dialogue Tag check to include different tenses for each tag (replied, replies, reply)
  • Handling of UK single quoted dialogue as well as the more common double quotation marks found elsewhere
  • Various bug fixes

The checks that touch on dialogue are imperfect and will occasionally throw up false positives, but the changes above are a huge improvement on previous versions.

Download Here

As the new version is just released, the Windows SmartScreen may throw up a warning message when you try to install. You need to OK through this dialogue if it pops up. The SmartScreen is based on a file’s reputation. A new release has zero reputation until more users download and run it.

Hi Darren,
I installed this new version and got this error message:
‘SmartEdit for Word’ has fired an exception. Click the ‘Details’ button to see the detailed information about the error.
It locks MS Word and I can’t close the error window to close Word without using Task Manager to end the process.
I can send the log and other detailed information but didn’t want to send pages of it to this open forum. I don’t know what personal information is contained in it.
By the way the 8.0 installer said it installed “successfully.”
I’ve found my old 7.2 version installer, reinstalled it after uninstalling V8.0 and it is working fine with MS Word.
What do you think? Next step?

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There was a file missing from the install. If you uninstall the version you installed, then re-download and run the installation again it should work. Let me know how it goes.

Hey Darren, your solution worked. 8.0 did install but the new version put me in an “expired trial” mode so I can’t use it. Is that because my license is for version 7 and now I have to purchase a new license for version 8.0?

Your existing license should still work. Enter it again and you should be ok. Email me if you’ve lost your license key.

Thank you Darren. Once I put my old license number in, everything works. I appreciate your leading me through this installation. Doug