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SmartEdit for Atomic Scribbler - a sneak peek


Work is coming to an end on SmartEdit for Atomic Scribbler. I’ll be bringing the full functionality of SmartEdit for Word into Atomic in the next release.

As Microsoft Word works with a single document and Atomic Scribbler works with essentially 1 document per scene, it will behave a little differently but the end result will be the same. Click on the screenshot below to see a full screen example showing the dialog tag results.

The results lists to the right work in conjunction with the Document tree to the left. When you select an individual result, the scene in the Document tree is highlighted with a new blue icon. This provides a quick way of seeing how close together each result is by using the arrow keys to move down the results and watching the blue icon stay where it is or move to a new scene.

In the example above I can see that the tag ‘muttered’ is used in Chapters 3, 5, 15 and 24, all without jumping into the word processor.

A second difference between the Word version and the Atomic version is the ability to run your checks on the current scene, a folder of scenes or on every scene in the Document tree. This will be especially useful to writers who have two versions of their document in the Document tree — first draft, second draft for example. They can run SmartEdit against a single draft by selecting its parent folder.

It will also be useful for short story writers or anyone writing blog posts or articles, as they can open a single scene and run SmartEdit against that scene only.

I won’t be adding extra functionality to SmartEdit in this release, I’ll simply be porting what’s already in the Word version to Atomic Scribbler. At that point, changes, improvements and additions will be able to be made to both the Word version and the Atomic Scribbler version at the same time, as they now share SmartEdit code.

I’m hoping to release a beta version on the forum in a few days. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions, this week and next week would be the time to voice them — here on the forums please.


Looks like I checked the forum just in time, to get the good news before this weekend. Your info means we can expect the implementation much faster than expected.

I beat the drum for this project a little bit, and told my American writer and editor friends about it. Especially those who do some surveys and reviews. Told them to check more often as a combined version may be available later on in autumn this year [if everything works out as planned].

My former stomping ground in the States is still too much oriented to the ‘big names’. I’m sure that might change one day. :slight_smile:

The screenshot and the preview info are very promising. You can bet I download any beta as soon as available. Thanks for coming up with the combined product so soon.


I actually like editing per scene, as it gives you a more actionable and less cluttered result. I’m really excited for this update!


Wow, this is what I was talking about re: the potential for the right (Notes) column search/hits in my thread of suggested features.

It is not only for short story writers but for books, PhD thesis, big Corp/Gov reports, etc etc. You name it. Specially for screenwriting it will be mega. You can quickly compare and update/edit new drafts with the search-result interface as described in OP and in the pic.

This is huge, it will take Scrib to the next level, word will get around and it will be a mega success. Congratz.

Keep going me old son. :slight_smile: