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SmartEdit Features & Scrivener Import


With the SmartEdit editing features added within AtomicScribbler - and a Scrivener import option, I would be willing to make the switch. :slight_smile:


That’s a while down the road yet V. Come back in 6 months and see where we are.


That suggestion makes sense, but I’d be sorry to see the UI get more complex. I suppose a “mode” might sufficiently encapsulate SmartEdit, but it could get confusing. That said, I’ve always wished I didn’t have to export to SmartEdit and then import back into the editor I’m using, so the idea certainly has merit!

For the record, all my text ends up in InDesign, and going back and forth from InDesign is not a simple thing – nor would I want to do it at all, if it could be avoided. So having all or most of SmartEdit inside Atomic would at least eliminate one whole category of round-tripping.



I don’t see it as needing to add to the complexity. The options could be in a sidebar, which is already implemented. I think it would set Scribbler apart from similar products and give it a definite edge.


Excellent! And I certainly agree it would set AS apart in a very good way.