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SmartEdit Feature Requests


I am sick & tired of my ProWritingAid Word add-in crashing because some idiot remote server is offline, and would be quite willing to pay extra to have some of its most-useful features (and others, below) added to SmartEdit:

– Create a SUMMARY of essential metrics

  • word count
  • estimated reading level (according to common measures)
  • percent dialogue relative to total word count
  • percentage of adverbs & adjectives in prose

– Create a list of STICKY clauses, i.e. those exceeding a set percentage (e.g. 40%) of low-information GLUE WORDS e.g. short articles, prepositions, conjunctions: a, are, as, do, is, of, to, which, who, whose, that…

– Create a list of INCONSISTENCIES to aid in detecting typos & style drift

  • proper nouns
  • hyphenation
  • capitalization
  • usage of various dashes: single, double, en and em

– Create list of PASSIVE constructions.

– Create list of all conjugations of TO BE: is, was, were.

– Create list of MODALS: could, should, would, might


Those all sound GREAT in my mind.


Okay, I look forward to the next release… say, next month. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions. Are these all features that you use in ProWritingAid but miss in SmartEdit?


Yep. Each writing add-on has its strong points. SmartEdit’s big advantage is that it is fast, native and standalone, not a slim client (ProWritingAid) wholly dependent on an internet connection and the whim of remote servers. Also I dislike my intellectual property being whisked off to goodness knows where.

The between SE & PWA, add-on features that I find most valuable are:

  • Summary digest (as already described)
  • Sentence length and variety
  • Avg. Reading age
  • Passive usage
  • Stickiness / Glue index
  • Redundancies (“knelt down”)
  • Long-sentence flagging
  • Vague, abstract, and generic wording (quick, slow, soft, like)
  • Complex words >3 syllables
  • Local overuse
  • Consistency in hyphenation, spelling, ellipses
  • ADVERBs outside dialogue
  • Repeat sentence starts
  • Initial-pronoun %
  • % dialogue vs. % prose
  • Repeat phrases


I’ll just add that SmartEdit’s concordance-style (contextual) results presentation is FAR superior to ProWritingAid’s clunky and click-intensive drop-down menu presentation.


Very, very useful feedback. The mix of SmartEdit and ProWritingAid features that you find most useful is a good guideline as to what’s missing from SmartEdit for users like yourself.

There’s a new release of SmartEdit coming out very soon, but that’s less about new features and more about Office 2019 compatibility, so there won’t be time to implement any of your suggestions for that release. But, I am aiming to start adding new functionality to SmartEdit in March, with releases soon after.

If anyone has any other ‘must have’ features that are missing from SmartEdit, please document them here, as feedback like this on a public forum helps me to decide what to add to the software.