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I’m using SmartEdit Editor within Writer 9.0. After “Run All Checks” then using the right arrow to move to the next check, sometimes the blue dot marking the current smartedit editor scene changes and I see a result for a different scene. Right now I’m looking at sentence starts and the top it is showing a common term for the current scene, but all the examples shown are for different word from a different scene I was working on a few minutes ago (blue dot shifted). Sometimes rerunning Run All Checks clears it up, but in this case that isn’t working - the same thing still happens.

If you only want to see results for the current scene, you should select the “Check Scene” button from the left most section of the Editor toolbar before running the checks. There are three possible states to choose from “Check Scene | Check Folder | Check Document.” If you select Check Scene you shouldn’t see any results for any other scenes but the one you’re working on.