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Smart editor - cut and paste all results query


Great program - a new user here, I am mainly a linguist, educator and writer.
I am hoping there is a way to cut and paste the:
Entire table results - all the data.
The results provided as per table - ie, grab all the 10 sentences that are 10 words.
Currently, I can click on a sentence - use the keyboard to cut and paste one sentence. The code appears when you paste the sentence into another document.

On a side note: why does smart edit only focus on adverbs as the core grammar/linguist feature? could a linguistic focus on adverbs, adjectives, verbs… be possible? Also, sentence type checking and Lexico- syntactic device checks (metaphors and so forth) would be useful. One, can’t have it all - but its worth asking.


Which app are you using? If it’s SmartEdit Writer, then I’m not planning to add any export features for the results of the Editor checks. They’re designed to be used inside SmartEdit itself, not externally.

The Microsoft Word Add-In “SmartEdit Pro” does have a range of export options – PDF, etc. This app is designed for Professional Editors who use the exports to send to or to advise clients / other writers.

Its purpose is to help creative writers writing novels and short stories. All of the SmartEdit checks are specifically geared towards this kind of writer and their needs. Overuse of adverbs is one of the common problems creative writers encounter, as are phrase repetition, overly long sentences, etc. Overuse of verbs is not an issue.

Basically, if it doesn’t provide value to a novel writer as they edit their work, it doesn’t belong in SmartEdit.


Yes i am using the word version.
so what can i export - all the mark ups?

edit - I found the report tab. Thank you, just what i require.


Full details on the reports is on the SmartEdt Pro page here: