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Smart Edit - Highlight All Repetitions at Once


I don’t have Word, so I can’t tell if the new version incorporates this ability or not. For the checks that show repeated phrases, adverb usage, etc. it would be helpful if all occurrences were highlighted at once.

The proximity of repetition is a factor in determining how urgently a correction is needed. If the word repeats 3 times in the same sentence, for example. :slight_smile: Maybe there could be a button that toggles the display of all matches on/off.

All the repetitions could be shown in a different color perhaps, than the currently selected instance, where the context is also highlighted.

Looking forward to the SE integration into AS.


I hammered away at a long-delayed chapter that was based on my interactions (loosely, of course) with my first Boss. I was stuck in a way, since I never called him by his first or last name. It was always Boss. It was my way of getting around being overly familiar with my mentor and superior. And, given that this is fiction, I had to refer to him by a made up alias. As a result, I over-used that alias in sentences and in paragraphs for that chapter. i did not realize it all while I was typing.

I second Vicki’s request. It’s something that reveals itself when read out aloud. But it is too easy to overuse a name. And, of course, we all want to avoid entering dreaded Redundant Department of Redundancies. I know the way to meet Vicki’s request is a time-hammering split each sentence into individual words and then attach a recount limit of two for non noise words (a, to, the, etc.). The Paragraph repetition slider would be eons slower and more complex. Maybe counting Capped words separately might be a smart way to go. I can see a paragraph limit of three non-capped words and four capped ones. But a graph that is one sentence long is a different creature than is one that is five … or EVEN MORE sentences long. Glad YOU are doing the coding, not me.

By the way, I have moved the most work-intensive book from yWriter to Atomic Scribbler and have found myself enjoying the experience. Like Vicki, I look forward to the Smart Edit integration into it. I appreciated the free licence upgrade to Smart Edit that brought me to current for participating in the survey. Thanks for that. I downloaded the SE for Word add-in. But I just couldn’t bring myself to install it because I don’t use Word more or less out of principle. I would NOT hate you transporting SE to LibreOffice (a fork of OpenOffice) Writer. But since Atomic Scribbler with Smart Edit seems to resolve all of my fiction writing needs, I can live with out. I see no reason for you to devote time and effort to work that does not profit you in some way.

Keep up the good work. But pay attention to Vicki. She’s on to something. GM


I agree and have mentioned it to the Folks in Charge. A word used three times in a manuscript is one thing; three times per page is something else. For me, checking the “where” is as important as the “what.”

From a programming standpoint, I don’t know how labor-intensive it would be to have the manuscript page included in the fragment so you can tell at a glance where the usages are.

I tried the new version this morning (I do have Word), and the occurrences seemed to be listed in order, something that wasn’t happening in the older version, so that’s a big help. Overall, I like the new interface.


I use Libre Office to submit chapters to a critique group. I currently write first drafts in Scrivener, however Smart Edit incorporated into Scribbler will be enough to get me to switch. Scrivener, while a great product, does a lot that I don’t really need. A simpler interface, with editing features built in will suit what I do, perfectly.


This is an example of what I’m talking about. It doesn’t seem it would be too difficult to implement, since all the matches are obviously already detected by the program. I think it’s just helpful to see them at a glance. That’s from Libre Writer’s Find All option.


A good suggestion, and one that has come up from a number of users in the past. I’m working on a possible solution at the moment. The intention with the new user interface is to show as much information as possible without the writer needing to jump into the document, so I’m looking at ways to incorporate proximity into the results list itself.

I’ll have to see how this works in practice. It may be that highlighting text is the answer but that would mean a lot of scrolling for the writer to check on proximity.