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Slowwww opening program

I just restarted my computer because of computer updates and now the SEW is slowwwww in opening up. Could this be due to a compatible problem?

No, It’s [most likely] because of Win10’s latest updates. Windows OS fragments the hard disk all the time. Even during normal operation. Fragmentation makes the system slower and slower over time.
So, users need to defrag their system now and then. This is especially important after an update from Windows, since updates usually leave a lot of unnessary files behind. I call it trash.

Now… I’m guessing, but there is a high possibility that you either never — or maybe a long time ago — defragged your system drive [C:]. Am I right?

After the last Windows update, your system may be just enough fragmentated to finally react with ‘extreme crawling’.

What you need to do is to use Windows’ file explorer, select drive C: and open ‘Properties’. Use the displayed option (button), to clean drive C:.
The next two steps are backing your system up and then defragging it.

Of course, you can defrag without making a backup, but there is always a chance that something goes wrong with a defrag. If you back the system up ahead of defragging, you have a working system sitting there to restore and to start all over again.

Another option could be, if this happened very suddenly’, that one of your RAM modules died, and you simply run your system with 50% of your original RAM.
Check first if you have the same amount of RAM working. Otherwise get a replacement module for the faulty one. S*** happens, you know?

That’ll do it. However, this is a forum for SmartEdit/SmartEdit Writer and not for OS training. So, I don’t want to abuse it for this kind of help. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… you know how to reach me. Just send me an email, and I prepare short step-by-step instructions with screenshots for you. You’ll get it as a PDF if you need one. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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I was just wondering if there could be a weakness there. Okay, there isn’t. I optimize my computer once a week. I’ll just start doing it a second time whenever there’s updates too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: