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Simple Question-Solution Escapes Me


This question probably has a very simple answer but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

I just created my second project. I created my first project and then imported existing text. After the imports, I had no problem updating the various scenes.

However for project #2 , I don’t have any existing text. So, I added a bunch of scenes in a folder to start writing.

That’s my problem.

When I try to use the cursor inside of a blank scene I never get a cursor so I can’t type anything.

However, if I create a note, the cursor appears and I can type in the note just fine.

Help! (I’m sure it something super simple that I’m missing.)


Do you have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the word processor? If you do, it’s possible the cursor is off-page to the left and you need to scroll to see it. This could happen if your window size is too small for the page.

Also, on the Actions & Tools menu, have you set the page to “Simple View” or “Print Layout”? Try toggling between these and see what happens.



I went back to the default for Paragraphs and all is well again.

I suspected it was something simple. :grin: