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Side By Side Docking of Scenes

Hello. I recently installed SmartEdit Writer and I love it. I would like to offer a suggestion, if you don’t mind. Currently we can open several scenes as tabs in the main viewing/editing area. I would love if we could dock two scenes (the tabs) side-by-side so that both could be seen at the same time. This would make it easy to reference one scene while writing in another or even copy-pasting from one to another.

Thanks for making this software. I love it!

One of the earliest decisions made with SmartEdit Writer was whether to go with a tabbed view or with a side by side pane view. I decided to go with the former, other software such as Scrivener chose the latter.

While I can see the benefits for users with a large and wide monitor, I’m reluctant to combine the two view types. Custom display options are limited in SmartEdit writer – everything is very much fixed and in its place (fixed trees to the left and right, fixed tabbed word processor in the centre).

Adding a multi-pane tabbed view would lead to extremely complex user interfaces – multiple panes with tabs open etc. (Once you allow 2 sections with tabs, why not 3 or 7)

On the whole, I feel this would add too much complexity to the user interface for too little gain.

Thanks for your reply. I do appreciate it. I don’t agree with your conclusions, but I am not the programmer, either. Just about every piece of software I use, from 2D illustration to writing, allows me to have multiple documents that can be docked and viewed at the same time for ease of reference. It’s pretty common, which is one reason I asked for it.

However, having said that, I truly enjoy working in SmartEdit Writer as it works more than well enough for my project. Thanks again for creating it and offering it to us as you do.

I agree with Silversurfer. Duel panes keep your train of thought. My reason is for comparing two similar topics (posts) I am writing, to be sure I am not doubling up or re-writing the same information. Clicking back and forth is a little distracting. Checking repeated word count takes too long. This is one reason why I haven’t transferred one of my projects over to SEW.