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Shortcut to switch between tabs


Is there a shortcut to switch between open scene tabs?
I tried ctrl+tab, but this increases indent.


If you open the user manual, go to the bookmarks tree and select ‘Shortcuts’ [Appendix] or go straight to the last page of the manual. It shows you all the shortcuts, available in AS.

Apart from this, why don’t you use the mouse to select another tab?

  • Hans


Normal old keyboard centred people prefer not to use the mouse because it is usually faster to use keyboard shortcuts.

And the correct answer to the actual question is that there currently is no shortcut for that function.

So as it stands right now a mouse click is the only way.

However there is some anomalous behaviour: When there are several tabs open and just the title area of the tab is selected but no text area has been selected and then pressing ctrl and tab the ‘attention’ cycles from one page to the next or from the last to the first. BUT adding a shift key (CTRL SHIFT TAB) does not reverse the direction.

But I think this is just some Windows legacy stuff from DOS interfaces before mouse was integrated into the operating system. Its still mostly backward compatible to the good old days before mice in many places even if its not documented.


There are no working shortcut keys to navigate between tabs as yet. The behaviour Omnimancer highlights is legacy behaviour built into the underlying control, but it hasn’t been properly built on yet, which is why it only works intermittently. The shortcut keys should be Ctrl+Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Tab to reverse.

I’ll add this to the list of shortcuts to add to the next release, as it is desirable.


thanks for the answers