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Shortcut Key Suggestion



I love how you put the document folders on the left of the screen and the research folders on the right. I think it’s brilliant and find it immensely helpful occasionally having them both open at the same time.

I remember somewhere here Darren where you said people weren’t using the shortcut keys. I personally love the shortcut keys, when I can remember them. For instance, for some reason yesterday I was adding a bunch of scenes and was wishing I remembered what the shortcut key for that was, instead of having to go into the menu each time which slightly disrupts my thought processes. And I didn’t want to totally disrupt them by getting online and going to the shortcut key help screen.

If when hovering over the menu button, you could also add the shortcut key, that would be marvelous. I think you did that with PageFour but not here. For instance, when hovering over the "Add scene’ button a pop up comes up which says “Add scene.” If you simply added the shortcut key there, one could just hover over it once then know what the shortcut key is and avoid having to go again into the menus in the near future.

This looks like it would be a simple addition, and very helpful. Perhaps people would start using the shortcut keys more often this way, and find them as helpful as I do.




The [PDF] user manual has all the short keys listed. They are even grouped in sections, and shown at the bookmarks navigation pane as well.

If people want a list ready at hand, all they have to do is to print out page 52 to 53, and keep them next to their monitor or keyboard.

The manual shows AS v5 at the cover but the shortcuts are the same. As much as I know, Darren is done with integrating other things for the time being, and I update the whole manual within the next few days.
Yet, again, that doesn’t effect the shortcuts.



A small number of toolbar buttons do have the shortcut key as part of the hover text, but not all, and not the primary buttons. A shortsight on my part. The text used to build PageFour, though old and wrinkly now, added the shortcut when one was set automatically. The tech behind Atomic doesn’t do that, so I have to remember to add it each time.

There’s a new release due out soon, so I’ll see about adding it to that.

The next release is ready, but the website is taking a bit more time to update than expected. I’m hoping to have it released at the weekend - fingers crossed. So I wouldn’t spend any time before that on updating the manual. Thanks.


I find that seeing the shortcut key in the hover text is the most efficient way for me to learn the shortcuts. My brain records the text and the shortcut as one entry in my associative RAM.


I agree. I’d like to see the shortcut key in the hover text as well in most if not all menus. It seems so satisfying not to have to go look at a list but just to have it right there as a reminder each time. Saves one more distraction from the writing itself, my main reason for using Atomic Scribbler. Getting ideas down fast, simple interface, pure writing purpose with just enough extras (like formatting text and search) to organize thoughts. Thanks as always Darren for this great program.


Also does anyone know where the “undo” button is. My text all got highlighted and accidentally got deleted. I couldn’t go out because it saves it that way. I looked thru the edit menu and only option copy and paste. I’m sure you did not neglect to put an undo somewhere. Please post and tell me where to find it. Maybe I’m blind and its staring me right in the face somewhere???


Ctrl+Z shortcut key.