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Separate Backup Folders - Feature Request/Suggestion

Feature Request/Suggestion

Option for saving backups within separate project folders

The current backup system works basically perfect as it is, but I thought of an idea that might improve it. All project backups are saved to a singular folder (for example, I have mine in a folder called “SmartEdit Backups”). I have the folder organized by modification/creation date, so I can see the backups in chronological order, regardless of the project. Since I am mainly focusing on one project, clutter is rarely an issue.

That being said, I think it would be useful to users if an additional backup option was implemented: separating backups by project. Whenever a project is closed and a backup created, it would be created within a folder of the same name within the normal backup location. The folders would look something like this:

  • Normal Backup Folder
    • The Lord of the Rings

I think it should be a project-specific option. That way, it allows users to organize the projects they think need to be organized by this method. I am aware that you can just do this manually after the backup, but this seemed like a useful addition to the software nonetheless; besides, it is a bit tedious to do it manually, though not unbearably so.

Great suggestion Scandy. Thanks

You are welcome! Thank you so much for making this a great piece of software!