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Selecting Scene change context of notes


Just a thought. Let’s say I have two scenes, 1 and 2. Each scene has 3 notes.

If I select a scene on the document tree, it would be nice to bring all notes attached to that scene into context, with the first one open on the right, and any scene note siblings directly underneath.

Or is this already available somewhere. Otherwise I have to click a scene, the appropriate note for that scene, and then click back in the scene editor to start work…

I am very new, so sorry if this is a basic question answered in the forum elsewhere (I couldn’t find it with search).


Hi John,

I’m sure Darren will answer you this, but let me quick write an additional note because you mentioned you were new. I don’t know if you have checked the Knowledge Base page. Just in case you haven’t, at the very top of the Knowledge Base is a link to the latest AS 4.3 user manual [PDF]. It practically reflects the Knowledge Base content, but is set up with bookmarks for easy navigation, and is convenient for offline use. :slight_smile:

The Knowledge Base’s direct link is:



Hans, I DID see this! I was prepared to create a PDF myself but did a search and found the PDF this morning. It’s been useful and gave me the overview I needed to get started. I moved my materials from Evernote, image files, and Word documents this morning and started working in AS.

Thanks for responding.



I’ve considered adding this as an optional setting, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet as there are downsides. If you have a project structured such that all notes are under scenes and related to scenes, it would make be useful.

But if you have notes that are related to chapters, characters, plot lines, etc., then replacing these each time you open a scene with that scene notes would be a mistake.

Also, it’s common to browse previous scenes as you work — what did I write yesterday, where di I write about this character before… In this case, simply browsing to read previous scenes would constantly refresh your ‘working’ notes.

My feeling is that this is something that looks like a good feature, but is one that would make things difficult for a lot of users.


Well, I appreciate you at least considering it, it’s clear you understand user centric design drivers. I was in a similar position in the 90s, when I had a software product I developed, made it available at low cost, and suddenly had thousands of users and considerable change requests to manage. I spent a lot more time writing configuration code and not addressing some of the larger key upgrades planned. You can’t please everyone, but can you please most of your user base? It’s tough, I know. It was even tougher in the late 80s, when Windows 1.0 required C (not C++!) and the amount of code was off the charts…

The key is, as you state, is making something like this optional. I DO structure my notes under scenes, at least on this particular test project. My guess is that some subset of your user population may do that too (I consider myself a loose organizer, starting with structure, gathering research and other details as I write). Actually, I wish I could see the Research and Fragments in one view with the Documents, so I could easily access those notes as well with fewer mouse clicks–I’ve been rearranging how I store information so I can move through folders, scenes and notes quickly. Can’t wait to see what you do with Character Mode, and also custom Folder Templates.

Thanks for listening.