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Scenes Out of Order in Fragments


I just found a very annoying error that’s hopefully easy to fix.

I was working on a draft of a novel with around 35 scenes. I then sent the entire folder to fragments to work on a new draft. What it did was then rearrange the scenes in the fragment section so they’re out of order. Not entirely out of order, but it moved enough scenes around that it’s going to take me awhile to put them back in order.

I’m working on the next draft directly from this draft, so it’s essential they are in the order I had them in originally. I found it easier to put previous drafts in fragments to keep the document slate fairly clean. (I copy a scene at a time from fragments into the current document and work with it that way.)

I love the program, even though I still have to change the font color while working in dark theme in simple view (we went into this in a previous string). That I wouldn’t use anything else at this point except PageFour says a lot.


This is definitely a bug Glenn. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll add it to the list for the next release.