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Scene Word Count


Hello and thanks for the amazing piece of software. I find it much less intimidating than Scrivener. I do have a request, though. Maybe I haven’t found this yet, but I need a way to see my current scene (and maybe chapter too) word count. I run a statistics spreadsheet, and this is the crucial info for my overall progress.

Found it, sorry!


Darn! I was looking forward to being an “expert”!



If anyone else is having difficulty locating the word counts, there are two: Scene and Project counts. The word count for an individual scene is located on the Word processor toolbar for that scene, shown below.

The Project word count is on the Actions & Tools menu. This word count accumulates counts of every scene inside the Document tree. It does not count words in notes, Fragments, or Research tree elements.


I wonder, if like the OP, word count for chapters can be added to AS. Really what I’m asking for is word count by folder.

I create a folder for each chapter and then include all the scenes for said chapter in that folder.

I also put a grouping of chapters into a folder for each Act in my novel. So being able to see the word count by folder would give me the counts I need for both chapters and Acts.

Thanks for listening to my input and for creating AS. :slight_smile:


Above pix are for earlier versions, if like me you were confused, in current v3.2 TOTAL word counts for:

> Scene (current)
> Document (Total)
> Fragments (Total)

are available to view in:

Action & Tools (Top Menu Section): Word Count (DropDown menu)



Thanks for the current pix and details, Kagmail.

Using your example above, what I’d like is the word count for the entire contents of the Chapter 2 folder (a complete chapter).

What we currently can get is the word count for:
(1) Tom Sawyer’s Gang (a scene)
(2) Meeting Tom (a scene)
(3) the entire word count for Huckleberry Finn
(4) the word counts for all of the Fragments


It’s a good suggestion, and one that I probably will add to the word count options.


Hey Darren. Sorry, I posted this in another subject and should have tossed it in here. What do you think?

Do you have any interest in making the word counts always visible for each scene and the full document rather than having to go to the menu and make them pop up? Maybe in the word processor ribbon? It would be useful to me as I read through old scenes and check my document as I edit or write for a specific word count, to see my word count for each scene and the whole document at the top of the page - as I type. A dynamic word count.

Always visible as you type. Thanks, Doug