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Scene order not preserved?

I have been writing my book using this software for a couple years now. On numerous occasions I have opened up my project and found that some of my scenes are out of order from the last time I left them. This has happened countless times. Up until now, I just always assumed it was an error on my part and that I had been accidentally dragged a few scenes around. However, I have now confirmed that there is something extra fishy going on.

I use git to version control my entire project (really just for backup purposes, because it’s pretty impossible to see the actual changes in writing due to the usage of binary files for metadata, and invisible tags that get added, etc). I have just verified that when I commit everything, and then clone the repo/pull changes elsewhere, many of the scenes appear in a different order!

The only rules in my gitignore are this:

It may be down to when you’re committing.Changes to the order scenes appear in the tree are saved when you close the project. If you commit while the project is still open, you’re not committing a fully accurate current state of the project. Close the project first, then see if your commit / clone works ok.

Thanks for your reply Darren. I did a test, closing it down before committing, and that seemed to resolve the issue. hopefully that’s all it was!