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Saving Work While Editing

While I’m using the edit function in the Writer program the scenes pop up as issues are given on the side panel. This is fine. It works for me. However, in order to save the changes I make, I have to save each scene separately. At least, that’s the only way I’ve found to save my work. Is there a way to save all the scenes in the tabs at the same time? If not, could you please consider making this one of the fixes in the near future?

Glynis, I know you downloaded the PDF manual. Go there to page 34, and read the section about saving.

You can find it at the Knowledge Base as well. URL:

All your changes are automatically saved. It’s done within a minute after the changes are done.
You can see it happen as well. At the main writer window is a small disk sign at the top right corner. While changes are done [and still unsaved], it’s displayed in blue. The moment everything is saved, it goes back to its default color (grey).
No need to save everything individually.


Thanks, Hans. Yes, I need to spend time reading the manual. :crazy_face: