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Sample Projects please

As a brand-new user, I would firstly like to thank the developers for creating the program and for making it free to writers.

After I’ve explored all its features, I would love to give some detailed feedback and hopefully some useful suggestions. But for now, as I read the documents and watch the videos, can I suggest that a range of “sample projects” be included with the installation? I have often found this approach to be a very tangible and practical way of learning how the program can be used.

And obviously these forums will be an integral part of getting to know the program to its fullest extent.

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The “Huckleberry Finn” sample project is installed and visible in the Project Manager the first time you open SmartEdit Writer. This project uses all elements of a SmartEdit Writer project (scenes, notes, folders, fragments, the Research tree, etc.).

thanks Darren,
Actually there was no project “visible” in the Project Manager the first time, it was empty; when I selected Open Project it opened FileExplorer at the Samples folder where Huckleberry lives, but it won’t load. instead i get this error message. so, no sample.

very weird

Hi Darren

I told a friend the problem and she explained the problem was with Windows10 not SEW.
She changed ownership of the directory, and the sample opned straight away.
thought i better let you know

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When SmartEdit Writers opens for the first time it copies the Huck Finn project into your “Documents / SmartEdit Writer” folder, which is the default folder for all new projects. You should open it from this folder, not from “Program Files”.

“Program Files” is a Windows read only folder unless you’re installing software. It’s not a folder that any projects should be opened in or written to. You should revert the access rights to this folder back to what it was, as it’s dangerous to leave it exposed so that any app can write to it.

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thanks, because of the thread knew where to go to copy the folder from Program Files …