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Results Count Column Seems Inaccurate


The count column in the results section (far left) does not always match the number of results in the far right hand column with the text. This may be deliberate to keep the found text list manageable. It’s a little confusing to see a count of 50 and then examples of only ten. Using Office 365 Word (updates automatically) and SmartEdit for Word 6.02 Beta.


The count will not always match the number of sentences shown as a word or phrase can appear more than once in the context sentence or paragraph. For example, say you’re looking at the Adverb results for the word suddenly. The count shows 10 and when you click on suddenly you see only 7 sentences. One of those sentences has 4 instances of the word suddenly, all shown in bold.

In this case, the count of 10 is correct — the 7 results contain all 10 instances of the word suddenly. The alternative would be to show the same sentence result 4 times in a row.


While the above is correct and would have accounted for some of the differences, there was also a bug that limited the results displayed if they were in the same paragraph but in different sentences. This is fixed and will be part of upcoming release version.