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Restoring from backup

This morning I went to rename a folder in the project tree, and I accidentally hit delete instead. The folder and all of its scenes were gone. Fortunately, I hadn’t done too much work yet today. For days when I’m either undercaffeinated or not wearing the correct glasses, I would love it if rename and delete were not right next to each other in the right-click menu.

I do have automatic backups set up, and I close SmartEdit at the end of each day to update the backups. I also manually export my entire document as a single word document each day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to restore from backup - because this happened only ten minutes into the start of my day, I wanted to restore the backup made when I finished working yesterday. Ultimately, I copied and pasted the text from my Word document back into new scenes in a new folder, but I feel like I could have saved myself a bit of time, even if I’d just been able to restore my tree, copying and pasting from my Word document would have gone a bit faster.

What should I have done to restore a previous backup? I can see all of my backup files, I just don’t know how to get them into SmartEdit. I searched the forums and documentation but must have missed something somewhere.

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When you want to roll back to backup, you don’t restore, you open the Zipped backup and extract the folder within it and then open the project from that new folder. You’ll find details at the bottom of this page: