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Request for App

I have a request that would help me to use SEW on my phone or tablet.

The documents are held in .docx format–numbered in the documents folder. I have been able to occasionally work on my tablet or phone using Word. I can then post the file back to SEW.

There is an option to Print the Active Tree. This lists the documents in the active tree. The change I am asking for would have the print out include the document number as part of the output (perhaps even the Folder: Document or File). This would make it easier for me to select the appropriate file when I’m using my tablet or phone.

The direct name of the underlying file is not visible anywhere in the app at this time. I do plan to expose meta data about each scene at some point, which would include the direct file link, but that won’t be anytime soon.

Accessing the files directly as you’re doing is not something I expect other users are doing. Most users work exclusively inside SmartEdit Writer on their files. As such, there wouldn’t be a benefit to most users in adding a file name to the Print Tree.