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Renaming Scenes and notes seems to be broken?


I just downloaded Atomic Scribbler, and renaming just doesn’t seem to work. I think I figured out the cause - When I started I went through the settings and enabled “Single click open”, because the option just made sense. However, it appears that AS only allows renaming scenes or notes that are closed. And in single-click-open mode, you simply can’t select a scene for renaming without opening it and disabling the rename option.

Can this be fixed - preferably by allowing renaming of open scenes and notes?

Thank you.


There is a bug with renaming a scene or note, but as far as I can see it only manifests when you add a new scene or note. You can’t rename a scene immediately after giving the scene a name.

If you select different scenes in the tree, the rename should work for each one. But, rename is only active when the tree is in focus, so if you’re writing in the word processor, you can’t click the rename button on the toolbar to rename a scene, you have to first select a scene or note in the tree.

Can you confirm that selecting scenes on the tree— open or closed allows for renaming?


A fix for the renaiming issue after creating a scene or note has been released.

Also included in this minor release are fixes to a couple of display issues with the toolbar.


Selecting the scene on the tree is exactly what I was doing. And when single-click-to-open mode is active, the rename option is not available - greyed out and unselectable in both the context menu and on the ribbon.

I just restarted AS entirely. and I still cannot rename a single scene or note, even though I have not created any new ones.

Here’s a screenshot with the new release showing the sample Huckleberry Finn project - I’m selecting the first note in the tree, and the rename option is disabled. And unlike yesterday’s version, the Delete option is gone now too! I’ve never edited this project at all - the note is not new.

Here’s a second screenshot after disabling “Single click open” in Settings. Literally nothing else has changed, and Rename and Delete are both available.


I see what’s happening now. Single click open means the tree loses focus to the word processor as soon as you select a scene, making it impossible for you to select and keep a scene selected.

For the time being keep single click open switched off. I’ll look at a fix for this tomorrow.


That’s fixed now. Download from:


Thanks very much - I’ve downloaded it and it works perfectly now.