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Renaming a project

Is there a way to easily rename a project from within Writer? I know you can do it by renaming the project’s folder in Explorer then re-navigating to it in the Project Manager (I think), but it seems like there should be a better way.

The project folder name is not tied to the project name after it’s been created. You can change the project name inside the project by renaming the Document inside the document tree, just as you would rename a folder or scene.

Changing the folder name that contains the project inside Windows Explorer doesn’t change the project name itself.

Project folder names can never fully equal the to project name, as you can have characters in the project name that Windows does not allow in folder names. You can also have multiple instances of a project with the same name.

Trying to change the name of the folder that contains a project to always match the project name would run into difficulties for the reasons above,