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Release Version 1 is out


Yesterday the first commercial version of Atomic Scribbler went live. The website has been updated and the beta version is no longer available for download. If you are currently running a beta version, you should download and install the current version, which has a 10 day trial, as the beta will stop working on September 30th.

Some parts of the website are incomplete — in particular, the manual has yet to be finished. I’ll be updating this over the course of the week. The site is also missing a Getting Started video, which I’m hoping to put out later in the week.

The core elements of version 1 include:

  • The three part working environment of Document tree, tabbed word processor and notes sections.
  • Fully functional Fragments section, where you can send your bits and pieces that might not make it into the finished manuscript.
  • Import and export options, for Word documents and PageFour Notebooks.
  • Automatic saving and automatic backups every time you close a project.
  • And of course, a fully functional spell checker and auto-correct feature — English language only at this stage, so apologies for anyone writing in another language.

The price for version 1 is $47.

I’ll be pushing out small changes and fixes regularly over the next couple of months, and I’m hoping to have version 2 released in October. Unlike some writing products, I’ll be releasing major upgrades with new functionality regularly, rather than holding back and delivering a couple of years’ work in one go. A license comes with 12 months free upgrades, so every new release over the next year is included.