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Recovered file from old drive Won't Open! Please help!


I had lost a lot of work after a computer of mine became virtually unusable some time ago. I recently got the drive back and downloaded the files from Dropbox, but for some reason I cannot open the project. Every time I try to open it from the folder it says “The project database cannot be accessed”, and when I try to open it from the smart edit project portal it says there was an unexpected error. I did notice when I got the folder there was a .Lock file in it. I’m not sure if that’s preventing me from opening it. I did delete the file, but still no luck.

Can anyone help?

The error message you’re seeing suggests that the core database file of the project is corrupt. I can verify this if you email me a copy of the log file for a day when the error popped up. Details on the log file are here:

darren [@]

Regarding Dropbox, you should never try to open a project from inside a Dropbox folder. Copy the entire project out of the Dropbox folder and into another folder before opening it and see if this makes a difference.