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Recover from saved file

Hi Everyone,
I had an incident the other evening, when a mistimed key stroke or two managed to wipe what I had just written on my ‘scene.’

I was able to get it back using the crtl + z function. But it lead me to wonder, if I did have a total disaster how do I recover / reload my work from a save?

I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere, so sorry for repeating the question.


If you overwrite something you wrote yesterday or last week, this can be recovered. You can read about all the backups features in SmartEdit Writer here:

If you wrote a scene today and overwrote it today, then that’s lost for ever. SmartEdit Writer doesn’t backup as you write, only at the end of a writing session. So, when you’re finished for the day, close the project. If you leave it open for days on end on a sleeping PC, no backups will be made.