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Readability statistics?


I’m not sure if this should be categorized as an AS question or a SmartEdit question. But is there any plan to incorporate some readability algorithms into either program?

I came to Atomic Scribbler in a roundabout way from QuollWriter. I got on a couple of writers blogs and asked if there was a way to incorporate scenes in QW. The only answers I got were to try something else. I tried them all and even bought a copy of Liquid Story Binder, but it beat me eventually. Finally, someone suggested Atomic Scribbler, and it was exactly what I was looking for! The simplicity of QW but with SCENES! Except I DO miss the readability stats of QW. I have no idea if they are valid or not, but they do give me a sense of if I am hitting my target audience, or not. I have a workaround, but it is awful!


Hi Glen,

It’s not something I’ve thought about, which is not to say it won’t appear in Atomic Scribbler at some point. My initial feeling is that something like that would sit better inside SmartEdit, as it’s more related to breaking down your writing after the fact than writing itself.


Thanks for your response!


I used the readability stat function of MS Word lo these many years ago, and now the same functionality comes from here as a cut and paste website that also explains the formula for the Gunning Fog Index,

It’s useful. My writing seems to fit in at a grade seven to nine level.