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Re: Font display


I currently use Scrivener on my PC but I am attracted to Atomic Scribbler’s cleaner UI and lesser complexity. Been playing around with it and had a question.

Scribbler font display seems to be “softer” and not as clear as Scrivener (or Word). When you put them side by side with the same font & size in the word processor, it is noticeable and my older eyes prefer the more crisp display.

Its not just in the word processor section, its the entire Scribbler GUI itself so assume its by design. Is there anything that can be done?


I have both Scrivener for Windows and Atomic Scribbler as well. I don’t see what you are seeing.

I made sure I was using the same font and size in both, and I made sure that they had the same level of zoom in, and to my eyes, they are virtually Identical.

As far as which one I like better, it depends on what I’m doing at the time! I really like Atomic Scribbler’s writing environment. But I also really like the ability to create templates in Scrivener.


I did a screenshot. Hopefully this works and its not my imagination. Scrivener to the left, Scribbler to the right. It may just be me.


I see the difference in your sample. But on my PC, the same font seems to be rendered (very) slightly heavier in Scribbler than it does in Scrivener. But in terms of overall ‘sharpness’ of text, I’d still say they are roughly equal. On my screen, I find both quite acceptable and sharp.


This just occurred to me. in my sample, I made sure both tests used black as the font color. I wonder if using the Default text color causes the discrepancy.


I think it is the default font colors of the two systems, the discrepancy between the two is slightly greater with the default colors than when the colors are the same. I’m not an expert on something like this, so we’d need programmer’s perspective on how the default colors get rendered. But I do think this is at least a contributing cause.

I have to admit though, my differences are not as great as your sample shows.


Thank you for your sample image, I agree that Scribbler looks better on yours than on mine (so there is hope!).

I did change the Scribbler default font color to “black” (same as Scrivener) for my screenshot so don’t think that is the problem.



After seeing your sample images, I played around a little more and figured out why my Scribbler images don’t seem as crisp.

I was on my laptop and it had Windows scaling set to 125%. This is my default and what was used for my sample screenshot. When I revert it to 100%, it looks much better (but uncomfortably small to read but that’s a different matter). I loaded Scribbler on my desktop (larger monitor so scaling not needed) and it looks fine also.

Glen, can you confirm your Window’s scaling is at 100% and not a higher number? And let me know if you are using a desktop (assumed) or laptop.

Two additional notes -

  1. There is a Windows setting under the scaling % option called “Advanced scaling settings” and there is an option to “Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry”. Mine was on already
  2. Scrivener was also using with 125% scaling when I did the side-by-side screenshot so it seems it was not as affected as Scribbler


I think you are on to something! I have always left my Win 10 display set to 100% and then used the Zoom tool most applications have to adjust size. My reasoning is twofold, some things need to be bigger and some things do not. And some days, the smaller text doesn’t bother me, and some days it does.

I also have a 28 inch IPS screen because of my photography, so even small text is fairly legible.


The likely cause of the difference between the two applications is the underlying frameworks used for the user interfaces. Scrivener uses QT, Atomic Scribbler uses .Net. Both work differently, especially where it comes to rendering on High DPI monitors — more and more common these days.

The version of .Net used by Atomic Scribbler is not the latest. There is a more recent version that has extra capabilities for high DPI rendering. I’ll be upgrading to this version in one of the next two releases, which should lead to improvements here.


Thanks Darren

And thanks Glen for your help.


Hoo boy. Have fun with that!