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Project Notes vs Research Notes?


Looooong time Scrivener user, test driving AS and loving it. (You’ve essentially got all the things I was using Scrivener to do – I had my own Unused Scenes and Research folders :p) without having to maneuver through features I didn’t have a need for.

One bit about AS I can’t quite suss, though: Project Notes vs Research Notes?

I’m noticing that when I add a note to the Research Column, when I’m finished typing/pasting the text in my only option seems to just close it (which then requires that I reclick the Research button on the Ribbon to show the list).

Is there any reason I shouldn’t only use the Research area for imported “reference materials” that I don’t intend to edit, while putting anything I might need to edit (such as running questions, to-do lists, or reminders) in the left-hand document area?


Try the F8 shortcut key to quickly jump back to the Research tree.

No reason at all. The tree designs are fluid. It’s really up to you to decide how best to use them. The original design kept all images and bookmarks in the Research tree, but these options were opened up to all trees in the version 6.



(My only Nice to Have thus far is that some of the non-word processing area text seems a little small to my post-cataract eyes, so I wish there was an option to bump it up a point or two. (Then again I guess it’s not much different than Scrivener, which I’ve been squinting at for at least a decade.)


If I’m understanding you correctly, you can set the display size of the Notes display area.

In the Actions & Tools tab, click on Settings.
In Settings, click on Notes Defaults side-tab.

There you can set font and point size and some para options for new notes.

Note (!) that as with default text settings, these will apply only to new text. Material already in AS won’t automatically change to any new default settings. This is by design.



Sorry, I wasn’t clear – I mean the actual Document tree (leftmost column.)

But I will say that the ability to easily and consistently apply formatting to Scenes and Notes is very welcome! (Honestly that is one of the things about Scrivener that has irked me the most.)


@MadWench - Sorry, I misunderstood. It would indeed be nice to control the display font for the tree panes. (Hint…)

As much as like Scrivener, it really does appear to have fallen victim to what we developers call “feature creep”! They have also allowed legions of users to remain confused about how to use the strange output-formatting system they use. It is indeed documented, and I’ve read some well-intentioned explanations on line, but I don’t know anyone who really feels comfortable getting output to look exactly as they want it.

That’s why I’m hoping AS’s future output options will remain very simple, and not tempt users to treat this novelist’s app as a document design tool.



I agree.

I paid for Scriv many years ago, and have used it continuously (mostly as an annotated outliner). It does have some nice features (i.e., features I’ve learned to use :p) but it also has a LOT I don’t use or get irked with. My biggest aggravation with it has been how cumbersome the text formatting can be, so I love how straightforward AS is in that regard.