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Project Manager Word Count Issue

When opening the project manager today I noticed the word count was way off. I mean, way off. The word count of this project is sitting close to 14,000. When I opened the project manager, it said the word count was 6. I opened the project to find it contained more than 6 words (thank goodness). I haven’t been able to replicate this but thought it was something to look out for.

Was it a new project you’d just created, or had recently created?

The project word count is updated when you close a project. If the project closed in any non-standard way (Windows task manager for example, or a PC forced shut down), then the count would not be recalculated and it would remain what it was the last time the project was closed.

It was a project I created a few months ago. I try to avoid force shutdowns and can’t recall having any.