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Project browser crashing

I’ve been having a problem where after writing a paragraph or so, the screen will briefly freeze, go black, and when it comes back I’ll get something like this:

Additionally, even after this has happened once, it will continue to happen again (after another paragraph or so), but won’t bring up a prompt.

If I close and reopen the project I can use the project browser again, but this is a very distracting and inconvenient bug.

What’s your local setup like: Windows version, etc. And have you all your Windows updates up to date?

A problem like this that happens repeatedly rather than as a once off suggests something is not correctly installed or fully up to date on your PC. You should try uninstalling SmartEdit and re-downloading and re-installing.

Windows 10 laptop.
I reinstalled and typed briefly. The bug hasn’t shown up yet, but I will update if it does. It’s been pretty persistent.


The problem was my graphics driver.
Updating my drivers fixed it.