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Printing Issue with SmartEdit Writer

I’m having a strange issue printing a scene directly from SmartEdit Writer. Every time I go to print, no matter what my default printer setting is, no matter if I try to change the printer settings from within SmartEdit Writer, it seems to always try to print on A4 paper, even though my default is Letter (US settings). As a result, the last sentence or two is either completely cut off or only tops of one of the sentences is showing. As stated, I’ve checked my default printer settings and it’s set to Letter. I’ve checked the printer once inside SmartEdit Writer (i.e. hit the print button and once the print dialog appears, go to Preferences) and each time, when I look at the paper size, it’s reverted to A4 size. If I change it to letter, exit from Preferences, and go back in again, it’s set back to A4! This makes it so I cannot print from within SmartEdit Writer.

Is there a way to set the page size to something other than A4 in SmartEdit Writer?

Hi Silversurfer,

I just checked the forum, and came across your latest entry about printing. I’m sure, Darren will respond to it but here is a quick way to do what you want to do.
I never attempted to print directly from SEW, but deal with both [setting] worlds for many years. It’s the result of being in both continents, US and Europe for decades.
Here’s what I would do. Export your document to a Word file, and open it in Word - or any Word equivalent you have available. There you have all settings you want, no matter what your heart desires. :slight_smile:


Hi Hamaer,

Yes, I figured that. And that’s exactly what I ended up doing. But that’s not convenient. If you want/need to print out a scene and the software supports printing, then it should allow you to print the page on whatever sized paper you want, me thinks. Else, why bother with having a print feature at all? But, yes, I ended up exporting the scenes I wanted, opened them elsewhere, reformatted as needed, and printed.

I do appreciate you attempting to help, though.

That’s a bug. The printer dialog should be working correctly depending on what you select. I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks. I look forward to the update. :slight_smile: