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Print layout enhancements


When viewing the document in Print Layout, it would be nice if we could set the paper size and margins. For example, I am writing a paperback book that does not use standard A4 paper size.


Different paper sizes can be selected by opening your own printer’s dialog via the Preferences button on the Atomic Scribbler Print dialog. See the screeshots below. The second screenshot is my own printer’s dialog, yours will differ in options and available page sizes.

As for margins, I won’t be doing any work in that area in the immediate future. Formatting the final manuscript is not something that Atomic Scribbler is meant to handle, and I see page margins as falling into that area.


I can change the paper size and layout (eg, landscape, portrait) but this has no effect on the page size displayed in Print Layout mode for me.

Additionally, I realized that adjusting the printer options do not have any effect on the actual printer output, either. eg, I can go into preferences, adjust settings, click ok, then click print…but it always tries to print on standard A4 in portrait mode.


I understand what you’re referring to now. The “Print Layout” display is unaffected by printer changes. The term is used as an alternative to “Simple View” — “Page View” might have been a better term to use here. The actual layout of the page cannot be changed — margins etc. Margin sizes are fixed.

As for printing issues, I’ll add it to the list to look at, but it’s not a priority.