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Price and trial?



I really like the look of the software you’re making. I did try PageFour recently, and was considering buying it before I stopped and realised you were working on something new. (I’ll be honest, the age of the PageFour software was the main reason I hesitated in buying it as I was unsure if it was still being maintained).

But yes, short-story-long, do you have a price in mind for the software when it’s released and will there be a trial period for the finished product?


Hi Mat,

We’re looking to release the first commercial version at the end of this week, or into next week if we overrun. All the features we’re planning for version 1 are now in the current beta, so apart from bug fixes, it’s ready to go.

There will be a trial period, so if you’re using the beta now, upgrading will roll you into the start of the trial period.

As for price, version 1 will cost $47.


Thanks for the super quick reply. I’m loving it so far. Looking forward to the release!