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Position in Tree after Deleting a Scene

After deleting a scene, the position switched to in the document tree seems to be rather random - and sometimes folders are closed, other times not.

Is it possible to have the scene selected after a deletion be the one immediately preceding or following the deleted one?

It just makes me a bit nervous when it seems to jump around randomly. :grimacing:

This is what should be happening, but there is a bug that causes the wrong scene to be shown occasionally after a deletion. This sometimes opens closed folders in order to show that incorrect scene. It’s on the bug list. It’s a purely cosmetic issue – annoying, but doesn’t affect any data.

Okay, thanks. I was cleaning up a project yesterday and it happened frequently. Closed folders also.

I will second this. It may be only a cosmetic issue, but it’s sent me into a minor panic more than once, because of the way it jumps around and opens and closes things, it’s caused me to think that other scenes or folders may have been deleted – and if I hadn’t saved in a while, then I’m faced with the decision to “play it safe” and just delete the entire document (and rewrite whatever I had done since the last save), or pray for the best, and continue on where I am. It’s mainly due to this issue that I’ve now begun tracking the entire atomic scribbler project in Git version control.