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PortableApps support?


Darren, congratulations on shipping version 6! I read about Atomic Scribbler on Reddit and it won me over. Honestly I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like, but your program is inspiring. Between being free and the dark theme, plus the layout looks good, it looks like what I’d consider the ideal writing platform to be (aside from MS Word, which I’ve been using for decades).

I read what you said about Dropbox, but that’s not really the best way to write on the go. I would consider myself a more advanced user, so while what you say about Dropbox (and better clouds like Google Drive and OneDrive) is true if you trust the client, you could roll your own client and thus manage the syncing yourself. But something like that may not be on your roadmap, and it would be unnecessary extra work (though cloud sync is nice to have!).

There is another option. Running the entire program from a flash drive (or portable SSD, like I use). I’ve looked at the Atomic Scribbler installation, and while I don’t know what registry settings it needs (if any, likely just file associations, I’d gather), it seems to keep the program in its installation directory, and the projects in the user’s documents folder. If the latter could be customised, i.e. configured to save in the installation directory, or in a relative folder (e.g. …\Documents\AScribbler), then it could almost certainly be run from a flash drive.

I mention PortableApps because they’ve done a lot of the work with their custom application launcher and their Platform (a menu for launching the launchers). The launchers can utilise virtual registry entries and can move files around, so for whatever reason if you feel the need to stick with the users’ Documents folder, the launcher could move the project from the application’s directory to the documents directory, and then back again when you close it.

You could go portable without PA, they just make it easier (and they give applications an audience by listing them in their directory).

I’m not sure how important this is to you, but it seems like running on multiple devices is important to some of your users, so I’m just throwing it out there.

I’m not part of PA. I am registered on their forums, but I haven’t been very active. I do use their Platform and applications on my portable SSD, though.

Thank you for your time, in any case, and thank you for a new program to try!


The users projects can be placed anywhere. It’s a user choice when they create the project. However, there are dependencies such as current .Net frameworks that would need to be installed on any PC on which Atomic is run. If you plug your USB drive into a work PC and run it, chances are that the required framework won’t be there.

Beyond that, settings files would be different on each PC, and the drive used by the USB device may be different on each PC, which means the recent projects would not appear in the Project Manager.

I don’t see a USB drive install as a good way to work on multiple PCs, even if the above problems did not exist. You’re carrying your work around with you on a tiny drive – leave it behind somewhere by mistake and you’ve lost your novel. Couple this with the fact the you would probably have switched off the built in automatic backups feature in order to work better on different PCs and it’s a recipe for disaster.

There are a lot of online, browser based solutions that are designed for multi device and cross platform use. These are a better solution than Atomic Scribbler for users who need that multi device capability.