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Password protect



Would you consider password protect option in the roadmap? Not sure how hard it is to implement.

Obviously not critical (more of a nice to have) and other functionality would take priority but it would be a nice plus.


I’d like to see that myself.


For me it’s just a nice to have. Not really needed.


I don’t believe password protection would be suitable for an app like Atomic. If a project were a single document it would be easily possible and beneficial, but a project contains so many files and folders that every file would need to be encrypted, as would the database that holds the information about your scenes and notes.

For this to work the app would have to become fully proprietary in its data storage and formats — a black box, which would mean scenes could never be opened by any other software. You’d be locked in.

If all that is required is a lite form of security to prevent other users opening a project, this is already achievable using Windows accounts with a Windows password. Every family member has a different Windows account and as such a different Documents folder where your Atomic projects are stored.

A lite password did exist in PageFour, but that app was built before individual Windows accounts became the norm.


Thanks for the explanation, I can see the complexity.


Coming a little late to this. However, I’ve recently starting using and enjoying AS. I store all the data files in a VeraCrypt folder:

Veracrypt is the open source successor to TrueCrypt.

I have been using it successfully with AS with no data loss or corruption.