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Page Color - Again

Hi Darren, This is an old topic that you have dealt with before, so sorry to be a bother. I want page color back. The exact way it was when it became a feature for a while. A little drop down with Windows colors to choose from. Not themes; they are too restrictive with no specific page color control and too few colors for pages. Nothing subtle enough for me.
A funny thing: I have SmartEdit on two computers, my laptop and my desktop. The laptop has the Page Color feature under Print and Export I think. The desktop does not have it.
I’m pretty sure the shortcut, to bring it back to my laptop when it was removed, was Control Shift Q. But that doesn’t work anymore. I think that was a temporary gift to users when you allowed that shortcut when you were phasing it back out.
Strange though (to me, not to you) that now that I have version 8.1 on both computers the one that had the feature activated kept it through the update, but the one that did not have the feature remained without it. In other words the update did not add or remove the feature, just left it untouched.
I am very sensitive to light, color and just visual elements in general. So having more subtle choices of color for page backgrounds is important to me. I don’t care as much about the themes choices for the rest of the interface, I like either white or a light gray theme usually and can get that with your new themes. But the page colors are hard on my eyes and, believe it or not, also effect my thought processes when writing and thinking.
I need very personalized background colors to work well. I always use the blackest black for fonts. Never lighter than pure black. But pages are different. I change them to match my mood or brainwaves or something. Sure, it’s psychological but that doesn’t invalidate it. Writers are a quirky bunch it must be admitted. I liked my quirky Page Color feature that no one else seems to miss.
I hope you will allow a shortcut as you once did or simply put back what you took out that was such a useful feature for oddballs like myself. I don’t think it hurt anything to have it in. You may know better.
If it’s too much trouble, or you have decided never to reintroduce the feature, I will just stick to white everything. But if so, maybe you can instruct me on how to get the working Page Color feature on my laptop over to my desktop, if such a way exists.
Thanks for listening Darren and I hope you are staying safe in these difficult times. Doug

The workaround for that is outlined here:

But do bear in mind that this particular workaround was introduced as a corrective measure to undo page colors, not as a way to continue using the feature indefinitely. This feature won’t be maintained in the long term, as it’s at odds with the themes feature which only changes the UI color, whereas the background color button changes the document color itself, which corrupts exports.

Ah, “corrupts exports.” Black type on white paper it is. Not the end of the world. Thanks for all you do Darren.