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Opening project triggers 'unexpected error'

Whenever I open any of my projects I get an error message. Everything loads just fine so I’ve ignored it for pretty much a year now, but it’s stuck around across multiple updates, clean windows installs, and happens on both old and new projects (created on the current machine state with the program version I use now and not imported from a previous version or backup). I’m fairly sure it’s been happening since I installed the program first somewhere late 2020.

It doesn’t seem to affect anything beyond being mildly annoying, but I figured I’d leave a note of it.

Current version is 9.0 on a windows 10 PC, 64bit.

What is the error message?

Oh sorry, my bad. I’d edited the post a couple times before posting and it got lost.
Just this:

Projects load fully once I click OK.

If you can send me a copy of the log file for one of the days the problem occurred, that would be great. Details of where to find the log file are here: