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Opening notes triggers an "Unexpected Error" [Updated]

Hello, it’s my first time on here.

My problem: I cannot access any of my notes. I’ve recently changed computers, and continued my writing from a backup from my old computer. However, I’ve just now noticed that I cannot access any notes for some reason, instead, I get a generic “Unexpected Error Occurred” message. Notes on the old computer operate just fine (albeit very slowly since it is a dying computer). I could manually redo all my notes, but that’d be annoying.

Any help would be much appreciated.

[Update 10/01/2021 - 8:14pm]
The problem has been fixed by modifying the scene and note defaults, the former of which was reset to the default font of Calibri for no reason (I use Arial) and the latter of which the font size was 0 for whatever reason. While this has fixed my issue, i.e. I can open notes just fine, the resetting of the scene and note defaults is somewhat a cause for concern.

The defaults for notes and scenes are not stored as part of your project. They’re part of the setup on each PC. It sounds like the settings file on your new computer got corrupted somehow. This wouldn’t have affected the contents of your notes at all.

Thanks for the report - I’ll put a fix in to catch this particular error in case it happens again.

No problem, I’m happy to help. I was also wondering if there was anything in the works concerning the UI on HD screens (like my 1920x1080 screen), as some of the UI elements (like the document and research trees) are a lot smaller. Apparently Windows 10 does not scale very well with HD screens with some apps, causing fonts and the like to become blurry.

The only way I’ve found that fixed this is overriding the high DPI setting on a case-by-case basis (done by right-clicking the .exe file and changing it in the “Compatibility” section). Everything is sharp and crisp now, but now its a little too small for my liking.

The DPI issue pops up periodically, but it’s inconsistent, depending on monitors.There’s no fix that works in all cases yet I’m afraid.