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Occasional 'smart quote' glitch

Occasionally I see single quotes not being replaced as expected. The input is making it into the program, just not being processed on-the-fly as I’d expect. For example I’ve just typed the following in SmartEdit and then copy/pasted to illustrate the glitch:

d’s d’s d’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s s’s
S’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’ s’

(I hope the forum editor doesn’t replace with its own smart quotes)
(edit: it gets smart-replaced when rendered in my browser but the raw data is intact when I edit it. So viewers of this page might not see what I’m getting at, which is that some of the single quotes are not replaced by the typographic equivalent).

I don’t recall seeing this prior to the recent update; I think I probably would have noticed it. It’s very obvious when it happens so not a major issue but I thought it worth mentioning.

I can duplicate this if I type really fast, so I’m guessing it’s manifesting when you’re typing fast yourself or if your PC is quite slow. I’ll have to look into it, as the functionality here shouldn’t be dependant on speed — it should either work or not work.

I am a reasonably fast typer. My PC is a 4-core 8-thread elderly Xeon but not exactly a slouch.