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Notes bug not properly formatting

Hello, I wanted to report an issue I’ve been having lately with Notes. It may be that I’ve changed something myself without realizing, so please help me out.

Before, when I made a note, it would automatically format itself to fit inside the box at the right side of the screen. However, now when I make a new note and write on it, it never adapts to the size of the box, going outside of the box to the right.
Here are a couple screenshots so I can explain what’s going on.



Please notice this never happens anywhere else but the Notes. Doesn’t matter what kind of format I use for the text either.

Take a look at the default paragraph settings for new notes. Settings dialog | Notes defaults | Paragraph button. Corrupted settings here is the most likely cause. Configure these settings such that the visible text in the settings dialog looks correct. Then create a new note and see if it looks ok.

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Thanks a lot Darren, I managed to fix the issue.

That menu was indeed the issue, but I also managed to find out why it got corrupted. I have my computer in both Spanish and Japanese. Before I had everything in Japanese as the default language for formatting and stuff, which means SmartEdit would pick the formatting from there, so for example it would write the Line spacing number as “1.08”. However, when I switched it to Spanish it didn’t change with it, and in Spanish we don’t use a dot in there but a comma, so it identified the dot as the thousands separator and changed it to “108” instead.

When I pressed “restore defaults” it changed to “1,08”, which should have fixed it, but I had to do the same also for “Scene Defaults” to actually get it fixed.

Maybe you can do something about switching languages in the future for it, but it true that is a very particular formatting issue that will probably only happens for Spanish since we have the commas and dot switched out.

Thanks a lot for the help and thanks a lot for SmartEdit, it’s an incredible program.

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