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No title and wordcount stuck in Project Manager

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help please?
In Project Manager the title of my book is missing and the word count counter is stuck on 40,834 and not moving every time I back up.
Any suggestions please?

The word count has nothing to do with backing up. It’s updated when you close a project. Try closing and re-opening all the SmartEdit windows.

I’ve done that numerous times, it’s been like it for a few weeks now, but thanks.

Is there anything unusual about the title of the book? Non-standard characters, etc.?

Also, when you’re working on the Document, are you adding text to regular scenes inside the Document or to scene copies, Fragments or Research material? Scene copies, Fragments an Research are not included in the word count.

Hi Darren
No the title is Don’t bank on a stranger so no special characters. I’ve been working on it since August last year and everything was fine until a few weeks ago.
I am adding text to regular scenes, no fragments and just links in research. My word count for the whole story is 54,510 but the Project Manage page says 40,834.
Thanks for your help.