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New SmartEdit Release — all versions, including Atomic Scribbler


This release contains a major bug fix which meant that dialogue constructed using straight quotes was excluded from results.

And it contains a new proximity feature for word and phrase repetition results which shows the paragraph number of each result. I’m a little on the fence about this, which is why I’ve only put it in place for these two checks for the moment.

It’s an optional setting — off by default. The extract from the Knowledge Base is copied below.

SmartEdit for Word Download

Atomic Scribbler Download

When you work through the word and phrase repetition results, it can be useful to know how close one result is to another. The results list appear in order, starting at the beginning of your document and continuing to the end.

An option exists on the Settings dialog to show the paragraph number of each result to the right of that result. This is useful in that it shows how close together two consecutive results are.

The screenshot below shows the phrase repetition results with the phrase from time to time highlighted. I’ve switch on the paragraph number setting, so I can now see that the five visible instances of this phrase are scattered across the document, in paragraphs 246, 411, 438, 713 and 1667.

How far apart they actually are depends on the size of your paragraphs, but as a rule of thumb assume 10-15 paragraphs per page. Showing the paragraph number in this way makes it easier to read through the results list without having to enter the document itself to check how far apart two results might be.

The paragraph number is only shown for the word and phrase repetition results, though we may change this in the future.


FYI, the download page calls this 4.2, not 4.3.



Thanks.I missed that somehow.


Darren, another ‘4.2’ showed up at the top of AtomicScribbler’s home page accidentally.
See below.

… that has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Word4.2 <<

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Thanks for that. Don’t know how that crept in.