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New Scene Shortcut


Let me just briefly say much I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this software.

I really like to use shortcuts for most of the stuff, but one thing I haven’t been able to figure out is why a New Scene is created within the current Scene when I use the crtl+shit+s shortcut. Personally, I would like the the New Scene to be a sibling, not a son of the current Scene.

Is it common to have scenes within scenes?


Yes, I’d like to see a shortcut or context menu option for a sibling/after selected scene also.


When you create anything (scene, note bookmark, etc.), it’s added as a child element to whatever the currently selected item is. You have a scene selected, so the new scene is added as a child to that scene. You need to select the containing folder and add your scene to that. If you then want to change the position of the new scene – to move it above a certain scnee, you use drag and drop.

The structure is deliberately flexible. You decide how you want to use it. Some users might only add scenes to folders, others might have older versions of scenes as children of a parent scene. It depends what best suits your workflow.

Adding a scene or note above another scene directly – I’ll have to think about it, as it would involve 6 new menu options (scene, note, folder, bookmark, etc.), and then someone will want an option to add below, not above (6 more menu options)… I’m not sure.


I have a folder that has 80 scenes in it. That’s probably not typical, but it’s kind of a pain when I add a scene (they’re ordered by date for a non-fiction history project). It would be ever-so-much nicer if I could select the scene I wanted to add it before/after and just insert it there. I don’t know that you need both before & after. I think people could adjust to either one.


I hadn’t considered that. It adds a different dimension, to be sure. Let me think on it a bit more.


Ah, I see. And the more options you add the least intuitive it gets and I like Atomic Scribbler’s simplicity (:

I was specific about the shortcut because I am trying to minimize how much I touch the mouse. My current solution is to use Crtl+G to go back to the tree and then the arrows to select the parent and then Crtl+Shift+S.


It just occurred to me that it would be easier for that project to add a new scene as a subfolder of the scene it follows, then drag it out to position it after rather than inside. :heart_eyes:

I could live with that if it’s too much to add the insert before/after option.


That’s a very good suggestion. It woule be far less likely that someone intended to create a ‘sub scene’ within a scene than a new scene inside the parent folder. I like it.


I meant a subscene rather than subfolder, but same concept - creating it inside, then dragging it out and below/above would take much less time than what I’m doing now. :slight_smile: