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My SmartEdit for Word Disappeared From Word Add-ins

After downloading SmartEditforWord 8, I cannot install it. Plus, the old one no longer appears on my menu. How do I get back SmartEdit as a Word add-in?
I bought SmartEdit back in 2019. I have a license for it. I thought it would still be good throughout.


What’s going wrong with the installation? Is it completing, or is it stopping before it completes?

If it’s being stopped from completing, possibly by Windows SmartScreen, you can either continue installing it by clicking one of the allow options on the SmartScreen window, or install the previous version that is whitelisted by the SmartScreen:

If it still doesn’t re-appear in the Word menu, you should un-install SmartEdit completely using Windows Add/Remove programs, then re-install from the link above.

I fixed it based on the response to someone else who was having a similar issue. I uninstalled SmartEdit 8 and then, I re-downloaded and reinstalled the new version 8. The second time it worked. Thanks for responding to my query.

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